Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Fabled Quilt

Hello everyone!

Now that the holidays are over and we have a little time in our hands,  I think it is appropriate to share this blog post. All of you have seen this beauty inside the pages of the Indie Folk LookBook, but I think it deserves a blog post of its own. The Fable Quilt or "commonly" known as the Elephant Quilt has receive so much love from all of you, I am greatly thankful. Even though this quilt seems a little bit complicated, fear not my lovelies because you will have an amazing time sewing and quilting this baby!

I promise, you will have such a great time spending a snowy winter afternoon (depending on your zip code) creating this project. You can purchase the Fable Quilt on my Craftsy store where you can also find more sewing and quilting projects.

So are we all ready to sew January away? Get ready....set...Sew!



Monday, January 8, 2018

Learn how to make this Holy Herb bed topper

Happy Monday!! 

Did you enjoy making the Mola over the weekend? I hope you did because now I have another project for you to enjoy making. This "Holy Herb" bed topper is life! When I first saw this I gasp at the sight of it. I love how Folksy it is and how the Indie Folk fabrics are showcased on this project.

Honestly, I really want this bed topper for me, I love it! Well everyone, get your sewing machine and your Indie Folk Fabrics at the ready and get to sewing. You can download the free patter here and let's create greatness ☺

I hope you have a wonderful time creating this beauty, feel free to share your WIP pics ☺



Friday, January 5, 2018

Learn how to make this Mola

Hello lovelies!!

The weekend is almost here, are you all excited? I have a little project for you to make ☺ Have you seen the Mola project on the Indie Folk Lookbook? It is amazing, and perfect for the collection. The steps are so interesting and the result just beautiful.

Look at how stunning it looks on a denim jacket. The detail and intricate design is what made this Mola stand out for me. I like it so much and it's perfect to create using Indie Folk fabrics. Let's get the sewing starting, click here for the FREE instructions ☺

Happy sewing everyone and stay tuned, I have more fun projects coming your way. 



Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Check out my new items on Society 6!

Hello hello!

I had a productive couple of weeks and decided to update my Society 6 page with all the new products they now offer. I got so excited that I couldn't stop creating, they have an immense new variety of products. From pillows to bathroom rugs you name it, Society 6 has you covered. I created some products using my latest collection, everyone's new favorite, Indie Folk and the result is lovely. I am not going to lie, I think I will be purchasing some of these products for me.

Anyone fancy an iPhone case?


 I am so obsessed with these backpacks! Aren't they the cutest?


And you can get you cup of Joe on the go with these beauties

These cuties could are perfect for storing threads, bobbins and ...ok let's face it, make up!  ☺

I am so happy with their new added products, and like I said before, I know I will be buying some of these products for me ☺



Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2018 Calendars

Hello everyone! 

I am back with another interesting blog post to share with all my lovely readers and followers. This time around, I wanted to share something that you can all enjoy throughout the upcoming new year. That is why I created this adorable calendar for all of you to print and hang in your home!

Each month is designed with some of my favorite floral prints from my previous collections. The idea of this calendar is to brightening each and every single month of the year. 

Aren't they cute? Each of them is design with lots of love ♥ Click here to download the twelve month calendar.

I hope you like them and stay tuned because I have more interesting things coming your way!